Dan & Anna Hunt. 

Dan Hunt,  I am the owner and Instructor at Tavistock Taekwondo.

I have been the instructor at Tavistock Taekwondo for 7 years but helping instruct at the club since Yellow belt.

I am now a 3rd Degree Black Belt after receiving Multiple grading awards and A passes coming up through my colour belt gradings.  I have been a 3rd degree for 3 years working hard for my 4th Degree hopefully in October 2020.

All gradings are held by the TAGB, not in clubs. This way all gradings are fair and just. Not a buy a belt scheme.

Over the years I have competed in local, National and International competitions gaining various awards along the way. I continue to compete now.

As an instructor, I am very proud to say we have Local, national and international Medalist. Also, Blackbelts who have won Awards for the standard of their colour belt and blackbelt gradings.

As an instructor of the TAGB, I am also Safeguarding trained, First aid Trained, Enhanced DBS checked and A fully Qualified Instructor.


" My proudest moment in my TKD time is becoming the instructor for the club I trained and gained my Black Belt in. Also seeing the club continue to grow and improve drives me to keep my standard and strive to improve myself." Dan Hunt

"My proudest moment in my TKD time is gaining my 1st Degree Black Belt. This was a goal I never belived was possible. I now know anyone can achieve this goal if they put their mind to it and work hard." Anna Hunt


Miss Catherine Berna.

Qualified Assitant Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt 2x best black belt

When asked the greatest achievements.

"getting my blackbelt and the best black belt grading south west, medals and trophies from competitions, grading awards, seeing and helping the lower grades progress and seeing them all really happy when they crack a new technique or make a big improvement, being part of the demo team and generally being part of an amazing club where everyone is like a family (excuse the cheesiness)"

Mr Finn O'Donnell

Qualified Assistant Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt

When asked the greatest achievements.

"worlds 2010 bronze, 2nd dan, various other medals/trophies, Helping create the fight scene/s, seeing the club grow from what it started ages ago in the tiny room to what it is now. Also being part of the Tavistock Black Belt Demo Team."

Pictured with Master Dew 8th Degree recieving 2nd Degree certificate.

Mr Spencer Birch  

Qualified Class assistant.

2nd Degree BlackBelt

When asked the greatest achievements.

"Getting my black belt getting medals and trophies form competitions grading awards student of the year being part of the demo team being part of such a great taekwondo club and having the best instructors and hopefully being one"

Pictured with Master Dew 8th Degree recieving his 1st star grading certificate.